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Dark Water Ranch LLC in Ninnekah Oklahoma is a family owned farm and business. Our Goat Milk Soap is made fresh on the farm from our goat's raw milk and it is made in a barn! Don't settle for soap that might say goats milk but is made with powdered milk it IS NOT the same as soap made with fresh, raw milk. Powdered milk soap is not near as creamy or rich as soap made with the REAL thing. The chemical structure of powdered milk has been altered, so its ability to moisture and nourish has been altered as well.


Our soaps have a great following and have helped many people that were burden with skin issues.What proof do we have that our soap works? Just look at our name the answer is right there, Dark Water!

​Our soaps are chemical, paraben and phthalate free. Our soaps do not have dyes, they are colored with clays or pigment oxides. These are natural, non-toxic minerals. 


Our Goat Milk Soap, lotions and skin care products can be purchased through our website www.Darkwaterranch.com

 *I got the Duck Farts Goat Milk Soap and Body Wash! :) I absolutely love it. The soap is so pretty. My skin is really dry and these cold Midwestern winters can be brutal. This soap and bodywash left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. This Company is top notch. This will definately be my go-to product. Thank you Dark Water Ranch. TM

*I bought a bar of the Lavender bar soap at the Zoe's market craft show. I used on my 2 year old for his eczema and it really calmed it down. His skin has never looked better and he no longer scratches his feet. Thanks so much! AW


*Wow the products are wonderful they are fresh and the skin feels good..DR

*Love this soap my favorite is the Freaky Fuji which is nearly gone I've got to get more. My girls have their own favorites. AH


*Great stuff!! I love it!! I just recently got cucumber melon goat soap! Smells great and leaves my skin super soft! KH

*I have tried most of the soaps, lotions, chapsticks, and body washes and I love them!!They clean without drying out your skin and leave you smelling so good.I tell everyone about these soaps and I also have used them for Christmas gifts. Thank you Dark Water Ranch for making quality products and for listening to your customers who have ideas for new products and scents. CN

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Location​​​​​​: Ninnekah, Oklahoma

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