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Farm Visits

A visit to the farm is a fun and lifetime learning experience!


Experience A Working Farm By Appointment Only


Visitors get to experience a working farm, so they understand the work it takes to grow food. We are a market gardening farm with small side of livestock production for meat and eggs. Kids can feed the animals and play farm games and have family fun. We will have Farm Fun Days available in the Spring and Fall when the weather is cooler.

Also watch for when we offer hands on gardening classes for kids and special events. 

WE ARE SORRY but due to fire it will be spring 2024 before we are ready to reopen to the public.

Gem Mining At The Old Fred Mine

Available only during scheduled farm visits. Discover the adventure of prospecting  by panning for treasures in an old west style mining sluice. Mine for gemstones, While visiting Dark Water Ranch you can  purchase a bag of rough and enjoy the forgotten fun of  pan mining at The Old Fred Mining Company.

Each bag of rough is different, offering a variation of treasures ( gems) to take home. Check your treasures against a identification card, that way all prospectors can know what what treasures they have mined.

This is an activity that children and parents can do together you can take as little or as much time mining as you would like.  Each bag cost $7 and is purchased on sight.

Educational Skills
Gardening Class

On Farm Classes

More and more people are wanting to learn homesteading and gardening  along with other self sustaining skills. During the year Dark Water Ranch will host different educational classes for adults and children.  Skills like butchering small animals, starting garden seeds early, making herbal salves, and many more.

Published Articles

If you are searching for information on homestead related subjects check out The following is a link to articles published here by one Dark Water Ranch's family members. 

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