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What is Happening in 2021

Enjoy some family time learning about farm life. Tours include seeing the animals, feeding the goats, the ducks in Quackerville, turkeys in Turkey Town and watching the rabbits in Hoppyton. Learning the basics of growing plants and play some old time simple games. Children will learn that milk, meat, eggs and vegetables come from farther away than just the grocery store. In the fall of 2021 we will also add a Picking Pumpkin Patch.

Tours should be pre arranged and must have a  liability waiver signed and turned in. Cost is $10ea Seniors 65+ $8 ages 2 and under are Free. You can check out the onsite farm store and purchase our products and souvenirs while you are at the ranch. In late summer you can enjoy our Sun Flowers in brilliant colors!   

Visitors experience Oklahoma Farm Fun!

Caution: When entering the main gates,  Longhorn cattle and horses free range on the drive in!

We Are Excited to See You in 2021

Farm Education & Family Fun In One

What can you expect on a tour

1. A guided walk around the barn yard, see goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas, rabbits and pigs.

2. Visit the hatchery barn and see the baby chicks.

3. A guided walk where we plant flowers, vegetables, and fodder. learning how they are grown.

4. Feed grain to the ducks and chickens, feed cookies to the goats, they all LOVE cookies!

5. Plant your choice of vegetable or flower seed and take it home with you.

6. Learn the history of how soap was made and see where we make our goat milk soap today.

7. Learn to milk on our faux milking goat.

8. Take home a FREE mini bar of goat Milk Soap

9 .Play some simple old fashion games like cornhole, steer roping and the REAL FUN Duck Race

Tour cost $10ea Seniors 65+ $8 ages 2 and under are Free.

Tours should be pre arranged and must have liability waiver signed and turned in.



To Schedule a Tour  Call 405-779-5388

Kids with Pumpkins

Learn About Animals

Learn about what each animal on the farm provides, such as milk, meat, or eggs. Or learn about  the specific job each animal has like Cowboy our farm dog. learn to milk a goat using our faux milk goat. Depending on the time and season view chicks in the brooder. and eggs in incubator. There will be grain machines available to purchase handfuls of grain or goat cookies to feed the animals. Watch the rabbits play in Hoppyton, (the bunny town). Watch the ducks take a dip and gobble with the turkeys.



Oklahoma Farm Fun

Learn About Seed Starting & Hydroponic Growing

.Visit the flower patch and check out the vegetable garden.  Learn about fodder, growing it hydroponically and how we use it to help feed the animals. Learn about sowing seeds and what it takes to make them grow into all kinds of plants. Visit the hoop house and plant a flower or vegetable and then take it home to care for it and watch it grow into a plant.



Oklahoma Farm Fun

Pumpkin Picking


* Extra Fee 

Go into the field and a choose a pumpkin to take home with you.  The perfect opportunity to learn about pumpkins, gourds and other fruits and vegetables that grow on vines.  Learn what a trebuchet is and then try a turn at punkin chunkin! Play a game of pumpkin checkers. 



Oklahoma Farm Fun


Wonderful learning experiences and a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.


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Time for Oklahoma Fun On The Farm

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