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​Dark Water Ranch is a working farmstead

Dark Water Ranch was started as a small family farm with a goal of healthy living. We developed our goat herd and started making our famous Goat Milk Soap in about 2008. That soap production introduced us to sharing healthy farm products with others. From there we started marketing the products we grew and made . Our amount of  produce production has increased each year. Many people are interested in a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their pets. .

We enjoy growing and producing Fresh From The Farm products, as well as helping families understand how food gets from farm to table.  Sharing the importance of natural products, chemical free food and all the benefits that go with this lifestyle.  

Dark Water Ranch

Fresh From The Farm

Farm Fresh Food

We grow produce according too the season, both warm and cool.  We feel a deep connection to our land, our food, where it comes from, and where it ends up. 

We try to be good stewards of land and resources so we can grow healthy farm fresh food for your family and ours!

Pet Products

We like to get away from chemicals in everything we do. We developed healthy products from the farm for our own dogs use and then worked to make them available for your dogs also.  We currently make four healthy farm based treat options, a baked treat Goat Milk Cookie and 3 Jerky type treats.

Goat Milk Soap

Our soaps are chemical, paraben and phthalate free. Our soaps do not have dyes, they are colored with clays or pigment oxides. These are natural, non-toxic minerals.  There is nothing like goat milk soaps and lotions for your skin.

Fresh Pickens

Similar to a CSA but there is no upfront cost. This subscription gives customers the ability to place an order of the current weeks food and those orders are filled before we we take items to market. So basically you get to order and get yours before market customers do. Sign up is free but the number is limited so sign up quickly,

Dark Water Ranch is listed in the TOP 53 for 2024

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