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​Dark Water Ranch is a working farmstead

Dark Water Ranch was started as a small family farm with a goal of healthy living. We developed our goat herd and started making our famous Goat Milk Soap in about 2008. That soap production introduced us to sharing healthy farm products with others. Since that time our soap production not only increased but we added our fresh produce and eggs to our farmer's market sales.

Next, we added an online store for the goat milk soap and bath products to increase availability to those who didn't live in the local area.

In the last 3 years we have had so many people interested in a healthier lifestyle not only purchase our farm products but schedule visits to learn more about how the farmstead life works. We enjoy showing families how food gets from farm to table.  Helping them understand the importance of natural products, chemical free food and all the benefits that go with this lifestyle. We enjoy seeing others enjoy Oklahoma Farm Fun!

Dark Water Ranch
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