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Growing And Moving!

Goat Milk soap is what got us started in opening up to the community through farmers markets. Then the agritourism developed from that because everyone kept asking if they could visit the farm and meet the goats. It took a few years for that to develop but it opened us to a whole new experience!

Bigger is better

As one of the first farm produced products that we ever made available to the public, to our steadiest requested item. Our soap sales have continued to increase each year and we find ourselves after a tragic fire consumed our soap kitchen and gift shop build a new production room. Therefore, along with all the spring planting and other projects on the list for Spring of 23, will be adding a new soap kitchen area, to the old bunkhouse. Since the bunkhouse had an unused kitchen area it just made the fastest and most sense to use it for the new soap kitchen.

Opening up for the public

People always enjoy goat milk soap, and over the years we have built so much off the success of the hard work that we and the goats have put into it. It was devastating to see the old one and all our equipment burn in just a few minutes. However, we still have skill and knowledge and we will be back in production in no time!

Soap making is an excellent skill to learn when you are learning to be self sustainable.

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