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Spring On The Farm

When winter has ebbed away life on the farm comes back full force in the Spring. The daylight last longer and there is new life everywhere. Goat kids are arriving, birds are hatching and the world around us turns a beautiful green.

Our workload more than doubles when Spring shows up. Eggs are not only gathered for eating but now its time to hatch chicks, turkey and ducks. Watching goats for kidding and getting ready to get back to the daily milking routine. Got to make that soap after all!

There are seeds to start and plants to transplant. Which also means the ground needs worked and made ready to plant this years vegetable crop.

We spend many hours in the Spring making sure that we have produce to sell for the coming summer season. We ready the ground, fertilize and set up our watering systems. We start our seeds in the small green house then transfer the flats of planted seeds to the hoop. As soon as the plants are big enough and frost chance is gone its in the ground they go!

We have cukes, squash, peppers and tomatoes in the ground now. The okra and purple hull peas are just popping up in the hoop. May is the month when we usually plant those crops in the ground along with melons.

We still manage to make our soap and lotions during this busy time and Saturday markets are opening up. We sell starter plants, flowers, seeds and soap until our produce is ready to go to market. Then the truck gets really full on those early Saturday mornings!

Spring is a beautiful reminder to us that we are living a full and wonderful life, everyday shows us just how much we are blessed to be here. "Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land." Song of Songs 2:12

Hope you are having a blessed Spring as well!

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