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Fresh From The Farm

We grow produce according to the season, both warm and cool. We are not certified organic however, we do grow based on these principals. We believe too many health issues can be traced back to chemicals used in the growth and production of food. Therefore, we choose to grow using organic methods.

We raise several types of poultry and sell farm fresh eggs from the farm and at market. We raise livestock but we do not currently sell the meat to customers for human consumption due to state and federal butchering requirements. However, we often sell young livestock that you can butcher yourself. We due plan to get it set up to offer pre packaged meats in the future.

Market Trailer
Farmer's Market

Sustainable eating starts with local farmers.​

​We have a market trailer so we are easy to find at the local Farmer's Market. Look for us at the Lawton Farmers Market  on Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. Find us at Chickasha Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons.

We sell our fresh produce, eggs and goat milk soap out of market trailer. There are lots of local vendors at the market come out and say hi, get some of the best farm grown foods at your local farmer's market.

We can also be found in other locations by following our FaceBook posting. We often set up in independent venues durring the summer as well. 

Fresh Pickens Subscription

This subscription gives customers the ability to place an order of the current week’s food and those orders are filled before we take items to market. So basically, you get to order and receive

yours before market customers do. Sign up is FREE but the number is limited so sign up quickly, We will email you an order form on Sundays they must be filled out and returned by Monday at noon. The pick up will be at the farm or at a pre scheduled pick up point. A $20 minimum order required, and Payment can be through cash ap or paypal at time of order with a 5% processing fee or cash at pickup. Limited number available so contact us to sign up! 

Colored Eggs

We raise several types of poultry and sell farm fresh eggs from the farm and at market. Our Chicken eggs come in a variety of colors so every dozen is idfferent. Ducks are great for baking and also sell a few of these.

Fresh Pickens Subscription 2024

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