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Hydroponic Fun

Hydroponics is a fun extra for us around the farm. We grow most everything we grow out in the field, garden beds or hoop houses. We do enjoy a small amount of hydroponically growing in our back porch greenhouse. We do just some small deep water set ups and one 72 hole NFT system.

NFT System with Bok Choy
NFT System

We have grown Basil in deep water for a while and had a good rate with that. Recently we added a new NFT 72-hole system with plans to use it to grow baby Bok Choy. We started playing around with hydroponics in big barn a few years ago using a NFT system and lettuce. That was a learning experience for us but did get grow the desire to learn and do more with hydroponics.

Deep Water
Deep Water System

We can expand a little bit more in our back porch greenhouse but would love to eventually develop the big barn into a large hydroponic growing area with grow lights, heat and build it for a solar power system. If you’re going to dream, then dream big!

If we can ever manage to develop and build the farm into everything we want it should be absolutely amazing!

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