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A Quail Of A Tail

One thing about cold weather on the farm when the chores are done you have more time to sit around a warm fire and discuss the plans for tomorrow. The first real cold snap of the year, the chores were finished, and we were planning out our seed options when our discussion switched gears.

We needed some supplies and figured it best to go get them while weather was cold so they would be here when it warmed up. You tend to get more work done that way. We were out and about when we brought back up plans for the new year. In the past we raised quail but had sold out. However, we have been considering raising them again. On a wild hair idea, we looked up a place we knew was licensed by the state to butcher chicken and rabbits and found out they could also do quail. We were sold, because adding packaged rabbit and quail to the farm production was a win situation in our planning format. Not only are feeding ourselves but we are adding another income revenue to the farm production.

So, what happened? A message, a phone call or two and we were coming home with a box full of week old jumbo quail! Jumbo Brown Quail finish at 12-14 oz and lay 12-16 gram eggs. They are great choice for the small farm or homestead for their meat or eggs. They are a low energy bird, with a curious but calm disposition, so they are easy to handle and raise.

However, this is farm life and when we got to the brooder the heating unit was broken. A quick check and it was into the local Tractor Supply to buy a heater for the brooder. We were pleased with the price, especially having to purchase it in an emergency situation. The chicks were pleased as well!

This means for 2022 we will be adding quail and rabbit to our farm production. Greater meat variety for our plates and another way to help to grow the income. Farm life isn't always easy but the rewards are worth the effort!


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