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Growing And Moving!

Goat Milk soap is what got us started in opening up to the community through farmers markets. Then the agritourism developed from that because everyone kept asking if they could visit the farm and meet the goats. It took a few years for that to develop but 2021 we opened to a whole new experience!

Bigger is better

Our soap sales have continued to increase each year and we find ourselves needing more space in the production room. Therefore, along with all the agritourism additions for the new year we are making a few more changes for 2022. We will be moving our soap production area, in the next few weeks. We will begin the switching over of our hatchery building and our soap production room. The current hatchery will be cleaned and all its equipment moved out. Then the red barn building gets a few upgrades and will be refitted to become the new soap production barn. The hatchery will move into the area where the soap making vacates, this puts the new chicks much closer to the other poultry.

Opening up for the public

People always have questions about the making of soap and this move will allow for people to have a better idea of the historical and current soap making procedures. Plus the extra space increases our production capabilities. A win, win situation all the way around! We are so excited about this growth and move and we can hardly wait to share the experience with you!

You can purchase our Goat Milk Soap and other products from our online store also!

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