Signs, Signs and More Signs

The cold weather is putting a damper on the outside work of preparing our farm for the upcoming agritourism. But never fear, we will not stop working, we will just take our endeavors inside until the cold weather passes.

Signs, signs and more signs need to be finished before they can be installed around the farm. We have to make things as simple as directional signs, and we have to make signs that give guidelines for barnyard behavior. We also have to make specific liability signs, because the state has certain requirements down to the correct wording and lettering size that must be met for the farm to be protected according to state law.

We are also making small information kiosks to display at many exhibits that tell the associated history, and other education information of each exhibit. These must be typed up, printed and then enclosed in solid protection with a frame so that they can be put on a post framework later.

We are fulfilling all these signs in various ways. Many we are hand designing and painting, some we have designed and ordered as banner type signs. The required liability signs we are having made by a local Oklahoma company, An Okie By Design, they are designing these specially to match the look of our farm as well as state laws.

All in all, just a lot of work still being done to have Dark Water Ranch ready to open for agritourism this Spring. Make your plans to visit with us in 2021and enjoy Oklahoma Farm Fun!

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