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Resetting a Hoop

We have an older hoop house that for sure has seen better days. But we have managed to keep it together for about 15 years. Lots of nuts, bolts and duck tape have kept it together. Replacing the plastic is a never ending chore but it has been well worth it.

This summer we had it set up as more or less a shade for a hydroponic set up. We decided this week to take that out and reset the hoop for growing cool weather crops for the coming Spring. We moved out all the other stuff put new plastic along the bottom ring, which in warmer weather can be lifted up. We built a front and a wood door and then added a vent screen in the back. We made sure of extra ventilation because in late December we still have days in the 80's this year.

Our next step was a back saving move as well as a point of recycling! We gathered up all the straw bales we had used on the hay trailer and for visitor seating this fall. They were all well weathered and a smart choice for setting in the hoop. They just needed to be water logged and fertilized well.

We will spend the next week or so getting the bales ready. Then we will add dirt and plant some cool weather seeds. Our plan is salad greens such as lettuce, spinach, and the like. If the temp drops to much we will lay extra layers of plastic over the bales inside the hoop, it double insulates this way. Since this is Oklahoma we are also ready to open the hoop up for extra ventilation.

We can hardly wait for some home grown fresh salad mix!

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