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Load Em Up Move Em Out: Rotational Grazing

Changing new pastures on a regular basis, also known as rotational grazing, can be beneficial for goats, pastures, and soil health. This helps to reduce parasites, increase forage production, and more.  Fencing large areas for goats can be terribly expensive so we do small areas and make the fence a temporary type, so we can change the area every day or two for our young goat kids.

This group of goats are to young to stay alone at night because of predators so we transport them daily from barn to pasture and back to the barn at night. They don’t seem to mind as every day is a new adventure!

Ideally, we would love to have portable electric fence system and a solar charger, but as they say beggars cannot be choosers so for now we use cattle panels and temporary posts. We use our tractor and pull the panels to area and set the fencing up then we hook the trailer to the tractor, load the kids and away we go.

The kids only took twice to make it a routine, they know now to load and unload we just open the gate. Doing life this way is not only healthier for the goats but it saves us time and energy with mowing and weeding eating. The kids enjoy being the mowing crew so all works for the best.

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