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Honker Heaven

The construction of honker heaven has taken a little time, but May 8 was move in date for the goslings! We used strong steel fence panels to build the enclosure and used bird netting on the top. We wanted to make sure raptors could not just drop in for a stuffed goose! We built a sturdy house to lock them at night, but the highlight of Honker Heaven has to be the pool.

We took an old tractor tire, cut the center ring back and set it down partly in the ground. Put a sturdy tarp in it and down the side. Added dirt around building up the sides and then added rocks and gravel. Next we built an inside step from concrete blocks, making it easier for the goslings to exit the pool.

It seems it has definitely made the mark with the goslings, they moved in today and found the pool straight off. They have been grazing, sun bathing and swimming, truly enjoying life as a goose. The goats however, have been standing one or two at a time just staring at the new neighbors. They are not real sure about just who or what has moved into the neighborhood.

Make sure and and check out Honker Heaven when you visit Dark Water Ranch. Make sure and a have some quarters with you so you can make a happy goose with a treat!


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