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Hidden In The Farm

Very few people know that living within the boundaries both physical and legal of this farm is another entity, named Black Goat Designs. Black Goat Designs is a wood shop business that lives in the shop building on our farm. It is trade name used by our farm's LLC to design, build and market wood crafts and furniture products. Specializing in wood pet products, we like to say that Black Goat Designs puts the FUR in furniture!

Always working

Farm work takes a lot of time, but there is always bills to pay so for a farm to be productive many times it has to diversify. This is case that birthed the Black Goat Design trade name in 2018. Black Goat Designs started by designing and building furniture style crates and kennels for dogs.

If you have ever visited a craft show in the western or central part of Oklahoma perhaps you purchased puzzles, or bird feeders, cutting boards, wine holders. maybe even a kennel from us. All of those are made on site right here in the farm workshop where Black Goat Designs resides among the lumber and sawdust.

In the community

The trade name Black Goat Designs does shows and events outside the farm. In the past we have even attended some of the larger Home and Garden Shows in the Oklahoma City.


Many times to make a farm a work to you have to be creative and think outside the box. Make a list of skills and talents that can be used to help you diversify and thus make your full time farm life dream a reality.


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