Brainstorming In The Cold

The weather is so cold and nasty that it is impossible to work on any of the outside projects. We have a long list of building and preparation work that must be done to open for agritourism this year. But here we sit locked inside the house with the woodstove popping, wishing for the bad weather to get gone.

So just what does a farmer do in bad weather after freezing their extremities off taking care of the stock? You plan, you brainstorm and then discuss what your options are for the days when the sun chooses to bless us once more.

Ultimately, it means that long list of projects, gets even longer. In our case, we have been deciding what our must haves in the way of produce are. Then we got to discussing info on applying for a state license to grow flowers for resale. Then that led to thinking we needed more greenhouse space, which of course led to the idea that we need another small hoop house.

To much time in the house leads to idle hands which then directs us further. To such things as, is there room to build another hoop. Then we remember an area where we had frames built to grow vines last season. Then we get an idea, is it possible for those be transformed in another figuration for what we need? It then develops into even more work; when we decide we can take them completely apart and build them into a different shape to make another a hoop out those frames.

"Idle Hands Are The Devil's Workshop"

This means that when the sun does decide to return, and this northern weather goes home we have even more work to complete than we had beforehand. There is a saying that warns “idol hands are the devils workshop”, makes me may wonder is that how we get to the saying no rest for the wicked. LOL I think however, as for our us we hold on to a verse in Proverbs 16 “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

Holding on to that promise, of plans being established. Make sure and come visit our farm later this year to see all that we have got established!

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