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Our great Goat Milk Soap but these are a little different still made with Goat Milk but they are our specialty bars.

1. Oklahoma Red Dirt - Yes it smells like dirt! Hunters like it for masking scent and it makes a great novelty item for out of state gifts.

2. Farrier's Soap- A great scrubbing soap, made with walnut hulls, activated charcoal, Tea Tree & Lavender oil, Vanilla fragrance

3. Earth Based Hemp-Great for skin issues and those seeking natural alternatives made with hemp oil, green tea powder and comfrey leaves. Bamboo hemp fragrance.

4. Butt Ugly- This bar is a teenage favorite when it comes to acne. Made with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, tea tree oil, anise and eucalyptus essential oil.

5. Sweet Dreams Shampoo - This shampoo bar has Lavender essential oil, Bentonite and kaolin clays, lots of suds and lots of moister, along with Goat Milk makes a great shampoo.

6. Lions Tooth- antibacterial properties as it is infused with Dandelion, yarrow, lemongrass, tea tree and green tea.

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