Over 10 Years of Experience Making Products From Nature.

We started in 2008 making Goat Milk Soap and expanded over time into lotions, bath products and salves. Dark Water Ranch products are all natural based, paraben free products. Our Goat Milk Soap is made fresh on the farm from our goat's raw milk and it is made in a barn! Don't settle for soap that might say goats milk but is made with powdered milk it IS NOT the same as soap made with fresh, raw milk. Powdered milk soap is not near as creamy or rich as soap made with the REAL thing. The chemical structure of powdered milk has been altered, so its ability to moisture and nourish has been altered as well. We produce quality goat milk soaps, shampoos, lotions & bath bombs.

From the farm straight to you, as it should be! We are a Made In Oklahoma Company.​

Our soaps are chemical, paraben and phthalate free. Our bar soaps are colored with clays or pigment oxides. These are natural, non-toxic minerals. Our soaps have a great following and have helped many people that were burdened with skin issues.


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Bars Specialty Goat Milk Soap

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Our great Goat Milk Soap but these are a little different still made with Goat Milk but they are our specialty bars.

1. Oklahoma Red Dirt - Yes it smells like dirt! Hunters like it for masking scent and it makes a great novelty item for out of state gifts.

2. Farrier's Soap- A great scrubbing soap, made with walnut hulls, activated charcoal, Tea Tree & Lavender oil, Vanilla fragrance

3. Earth Based Hemp-Great for skin issues and those seeking natural alternatives made with hemp oil, green tea powder and comfrey leaves. Bamboo hemp fragrance.

4. Butt Ugly- This bar is a teenage favorite when it comes to acne. Made with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, tea tree oil, anise and eucalyptus essential oil.

5. Sweet Dreams Shampoo - This shampoo bar has Lavender essential oil, Bentonite and kaolin clays, lots of suds and lots of moister, along with Goat Milk makes a great shampoo.

6. Lions Tooth- antibacterial properties as it is infused with Dandelion, yarrow, lemongrass, tea tree and green tea.

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