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Become a stake holder in Old Fred Mining Company on Dark Water Ranch LLC

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We are offering stakes in the Old Fred Mining Company. A $3 donation will get a printed certificate of a stake mailed to you and when the tower and sluice are built, we will have a large permanent sign posted with the names of all the stake holders in The Old Fred Mining Company. This way you and your children can always have a little part in The Old Fred Mining Co. on Dark Water Ranch. It is a fun way of including those that like to visit the farm and be a part of what happens here. If you are interested in getting a stake in The Old Fred Mining Co. contact us. You can send a check by mail, call us for an invoice or click the paypal button. We will need the name you want the stake issued in and the mailing address to send the certificate to.


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3451 county street 2850

Ninnekah, OK 73067

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