Image by Shelley Pauls

C.S.A. Subscriptions


Nothing compares than the flavor of fresh, healthy farm grown food. 

We have reached our sign up limit for 2022, however you can fill out the form for our waiting list below. If we have extra or someone drops out we will contact you from this waiting list. This our first year for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) ours is definitely not a traditional CSA because you get to pick the options of the foods you receive each time and there is no upfront cost to you to join the CSA. But you must sign up to be a part of our CSA to get the benefits. We haven't decided on exact pickup locations will be as we want to see the general locations of our members.


  • We plan how much to grow by how large our sign up is that we are sure our members needs are met first, so non members may miss out on favorite items.

  • The cost of items is at discount for members compared to non-members (15% less) This includes all our items

  • Items are delivered weekly on set days to set locations in your area (no driving all the way to our farm saving you gas and time) Depending on your needs you can choose to order each week or every other week and if out of town you start again at your return.

  • You receive early notification of what is available for next delivery, and you sign in and make your order

  • Members also get the opportunity grow relationship with farm receiving a newsletter containing recipes, photos, and stories from the farm. 

Available Options

  1. Produce (tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, egg plant, okra, green beans, purple eye hull peas)

  2. Melons (watermelons, cantaloupe)

  3. meat (quail, rabbit),

  4. eggs (Fresh chicken, quail, duck) (pickled quail)

  5. Goat cheese

  6. baked goods (sweat breads,)

  7. herbal teas and salves

  8. soaps and lotions

HOW will I PLACE MY CSA CUSTOM ORDER?  Every Friday morning we will send an email with a link to our online CSA order form.  This form will list all of our available options for the upcoming week.  The list will change weekly, in response to our seasonal availability.