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Nursery Pants

Nursery Plants

Because we grow our own produce we also have a nursery license and grow extra plants and shrubs that we have to sell to the public. We specialize in vegetables that are not the average, everyday seedlings that you can find at local farm stores,

We like the different, the not always easy to find but the taste great and look so nice types. In early season we have plants ready for you to put in your own garden.

If interested in our plants contact us or come by our Market Trailer Saturdays 7-12 at the Chickasha Farmers Market.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants

We also have customers that like the opportunity to grow their own  veggies and flowers but don't always have the garden space. We understand that and we love to sell our fresh produce but sometimes you just want to grow a little something yourself. We totally appreciate that! Because of this we do have a few potted plants available throughout the season that customers can buy and place on their porch or patio, where they can grow their own.


Green Thumb Gardeners

GreenThumbGardeners is the name of our Etsy store. This store specializes in unique gardening DIY kits that allow anyone to grow their own food or flowers no matter their space. We design and make these items right here at Dark Water Ranch. Check the store out on GreenThumbGardeners on Etsy.

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