Special Activities

Gem Mining and the Pumpkin Patch add extra fun to the farm so make sure and check out these special activities available at Dark Water Ranch.


Gem Mining

In 2022 we are adding a gem mining activity!  Discover the adventure of prospecting  by panning for treasures in an old west style mining sluice. Mine for gemstones, fossils, or arrowheads.

While visiting Dark Water Ranch  you can  purchase a bag of rough for some old fashioned fun of mining at The Old Fred Mining Company.

Each bag of rough is different offering a variation of treasures ( gems) to take home. Check your treasures against identification board that way all prospectors can know what what treasures they have mined.

This is an activity that children and parents can do together you can take as little or as much time mining as you would like. Each bag cost $7. 

Don’t forget to ask about adding gem mining to your birthday party or school tour!

You can have your name to be a part of the Old Fred Mining company by getting involved with mine stock, check it out!


Pumpkin Patch

In the fall we have a Pumpkin Patch where you can come an enjoy  all the regular farm activities with the added fun of fall. Experience pumpkin chunkin with a real trebuchet and try your hand with the giant sling shot firing hedge apples out over the ravine!

Fall also brings the fall farm maze! Can you find your way through to the end? Count all the spiders that hide out the maze waiting to give you shock and surprise.

Fall is great time for schools to visit and spend the day or for families to visit on the weekend.

Portrait over Pumpkin Patch




Experience a walk in the spider cave before you enter the maze! Remember count the spiders for a prize.

Prove your farm muscle by lifting straw bales with the loft lift. Are you a light weight or a heavy weight?