About the Farm

Dark Water Ranch is small family farm that sells products on site and at farmer's markets. We grow vegetable produce, we milk goats and make many goat milk products, we raise a few flowers and plants for public sale. The farm was opened to agritourism so others can experience Oklahoma Farm Fun!

Dark Water Ranch sits in the middle of the old Chisholm Trail, and if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a longhorn cow or two on your way in. Enjoy a visit to the countryside, where you can appreciate the beautiful scenery and spend some quality family time learning about farm life.

Learn about small scale farming, help children understand that milk, meat, eggs and vegetables come from farther away than just the grocery store.

Call in advance to schedule your visit.

Feed The Animals Treats

All the animals love treats and there are several treat machines around the animal pens. The goats will come from the farthest corner of the pasture for a cookie. The ducks will beg, swim and dive for a snack! The pigs love belly rubs with their treats!

The US Center for Disease Control has issued guidelines for reducing the risk of catching enteric pathogens while at farms like ours. We encourage healthy interactions with our animals, therefore you should know:

1. People at high risk for serious infections are children less than 5 years old, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems. These people should approach animals with extreme care.

2. Food, beverages, bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and strollers are not allowed near animals. Keep hands away from mouths/faces at all times. Do not allow children to suck thumbs.

3. Hand washing is required after visiting the animals, even if wipes and sanitizers have been used.


Fun & Games

Just like our T-shirts say Oklahoma Farm Fun. Play games like the duck race with old fashion hand pumps, climb over and through the tractor tires, race the rabbits and mine for gems, fossils or arrowheads with the new Gem Mining coming this year.

Plants & Flowers

Late Spring and Summer we have the sunflower  walk to enjoy. We will be adding the Butterfly tunnel this year, where you can walk in the shade of the tunnel enjoying the flowers. greenery and the butterflies.

Learn the basics of growing plants in soil and with straw bale gardening. Plant your own seed to take home.

In the Fall you can have fun in the maze and you will be able to Pick A Pumpkin, to take home.