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About the Farm

Dark Water Ranch was founded in 2006 on land that the Chisolm Trail had ran through. We raised Longhorn Cattle, a few head of horses and goats. Over the years we cut somethings back like horses and cattle. We developed our goat herd and started making our famous Goat Milk Soap in about 2008.

Since that time our soap production grew and we started growing produce and selling at the farmers markets in the summers

We raise meat rabbits, chickens, quail and ducks, we also have a small flock of hair sheep. We sell eggs from the chickens, ducks and quail at market,

In 2020 we decided to share a little of Gods beauty here on the farm by developing our agritourism after so many people at the markets asked if they could visit the farm, and well it has just grown from there!

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